Send Snail Mail

Send Snail Mail

Cause no one likes an empty mailbox

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Happy Mail Day

Such cute panda stationery!
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Envelopes I made a few days ago. I am counting them towards my Mail Art 365 project.

Vintage Envelopes


$10 shipped for 10 envelopes

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Packets are nicely made. Would anyone be interested in buying one? :)


I am so happy for the new followers that I have gotten! :D

Question for all of you though:

If I were to sell my stationery pads that I made, who would be willing to buy them?

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Permalink Just some simple prompts, cause people sometimes don’t know what to write.
Permalink According to my survey, the thing that people seemed to be the least comfortable with was determining the difference between forever stamps, first class stamps, and postcard stamps.
These 3 are the basic and probably the most used out of all the different types of stamps when it comes to letter writing. This is why I decided to make this poster with it.
I also added a few fun facts about the stamp
I have all my seniors write letters to their “future selves” and they have to make a self-addressed stamped envelope and the majority of them FAILED IN BOTH STAMPING AND ADDRESSING THE ENVELOPE!!! LOL! Most of them said it was the first time they were addressing an envelope. o_O

~ Past high school teacher commenting on high school class of 2012

Totally just found this online.

Someone suggested this idea to me, but it looks like it’s already been done.